What’s Different?


When it comes to parties no two should be alike unless you specifically want it like that. Your Party should be a reflection of you but also allow your guests to have a great time. Here at A Different DJ when you book I will be the DJ at your event so you do not have to worry about which DJ you are going to get. 

     When it comes to planning, you should not have to go at it alone. That is why I like to meet a couple of times prior to your event so we can make sure we are all on the same page and there are no surprise

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A Different DJ offers more than just DJ services which can be added or purchased separately. 

Ceremony Sound

If you need sound for your ceremony look no further. ADDJ can provide sound for your ceremony almost anywhere. No power no problem, sound can still be provided. 


Weather you are looking for uplights or dace floor movers ADDJ has you covered. 


Having a party and want to see just how crazy things can get. Try adding some karaoke, You never know what will happen but it is always a lot of fun.